Monday, August 03, 2009

Another Day, Another Book?

Today was such a strange day, that it seemed natural take a deviation from my Creation/Switchfoot journal book to record yesterday's events into the annals of history. I still have yet to post anything regarding the weekends Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society. So, I will now compose books much like I read them, it seems - way further behind than I'd like to be and in the middle of more than one. LOL

Yesterday started out innocently enough. I got up, reluctantly, got dressed, and went to church. I was a few minutes late and arrived just at the tail end of the announcements. We have now doubled in size. There is an Hispanic church meeting with us. Apparently they were going to rent the facility, but the Pastor suggested instead that he train their pastor to be a Calvary Chapel pastor and ordain him and they could meet without charge. So the next few weeks we will be having all of the services translated into Spanish and eventually the Spanish speaking service will be held at a different time. It was really an interesting service. Josh, who just returned from Iraq talked about fellowship and what it meant (Acts 2:42) and he showed photos from Iraq in Iraq and talkd a little about what God was doing there.
Afterwords, I chatted with a few people, including Sylvio and Maria, although I did more listening than talking. Chris started a conversation with them about Mexico, and where they are from and the places she's been in Mexico. I have only been to Ensenada in the tourist area. There is a small possibility I could go to Mexico in September depending on the situation with my daughter and granddaughter (she's due anytime.)

After church, I came home and uploaded a few photos. Then I went upstairs to make me some lunch. I had half a sandwich made, and my husband decided he wanted to go and grab a burger. As it turned out, he wanted to look at a laptop at Best Buy. He has a laptop for work. I can't figure out why he wants a laptop, though. He doesn't really go anywhere. LOL We never did find the laptop in the ad he wanted to look at. All of the reps were busy with other customers, and my husband isn't terribly patient with such things, so we ended up leaving. He suggested Olive Garden, so we went to Olive Garden for lunch. I actually had something besides spaghetti. LOL There is an apricot chicken that was listed as low fat (probably not really low sugar, though?) and was dairy free, so I tried it. It was pretty good, actually.

After lunch, we headed for home. As we pulled up, I noticed that there were three guys standing around in our driveway having a conversation. My husband pulled up to the curb (he usually backs into the driveway that way) and I mentioned that it was our driveway. They were with the power company and wanted to use our driveway. I think my car was in their way. So my husband said he wanted to pull under the awning first, and he moved my car into the front yard. Then they went through an involved process of replacing a part at the top of the electrical wires. A guy on the other side of the street in a cherry picker did something on his side (disabled power - ours was quite obviously off during this time) and the guy in our driveway took off the broken part and replaced it. There wasn't really much else to do except stand there and watch and take a million pics with my cell phone. LOL While I was waiting, my daughter called and wanted to go to Wal Mart. I told her we'd have to wait until the power guys were done and she said it would be a little bit anyway.

Afterwards I went in and got my camera and took a few thistle photos. The air was pretty still until I got the camera. IT seems like that always happens. I do think I got a few interesting shots, but I need to try again without a breeze, if I can.

Then I came in the house, turned my computer back on and started uploading pics from the Relay for Life again. Before long, my daughter called and she had some bleeding, so I told her to call her doc and I was on my way over. I was about 3/4 of the way to her place when she sent me a message that it was probably just the plug and the doc said if it didn't stop of the baby didn't move to come in. It did stop, and the baby moved. So, we went to Wal Mart. By then it was after 6:30, so she just took me to a farewell get together for one of the ladies with my church at Boston's pizza. Most people had dessert, but I had a dinner salad and she had a Tuscan pizza. The pizza looked pretty good, actually. So did a lot of the desserts. I didn't have my camera, but I took a lot of pics with my cell, most of which turned out rather blurry.

Mountains on the way to Boston's:

Then we went back to Wal Mart (she had exchanged some items, but we didn't have time to shop yet)and finished up with a small bit of shopping. Then we went back to her place and put groceries away, and I cleaned out her litter box. Then I headed for home. Just as I was pulling out of the driveway, I noticed only one headlight. I hoped I could make it home without getting pulled over. No such luck. I was pulled over and now have a fix it ticket. :( Sigh.... I did finally make it home, though.

Then I came home and uploaded pics in between naps at my desk. LOL

And so ends another day in the life of... There is something to be said for nice, quiet, uneventful Sundays.

Peace out,

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