Thursday, August 06, 2009

Creation Book II

So far, my day had been trying, but I was happy to be at the barricade. I had hoped to be on the left side of the stage, so that I could at least attempt a few pics of Jonathan Chu with Skillet later in the evening, but it just didn't happen for me. I was on the far right. Still, I can't complain about at least making it that far. LOL
I did get one good shot of Jonathan, but noticed a huge smudge on the lens, so it looks rather interesting. LOL

It was a bit of a wait, and it was definitely hot, but as was the case during a lot of Creation this year, there was a small bit of a breeze now and then. The breeze was really nice while it lasted. After the long wait, it was finally time for things to begin. Prayers were said, and Remedy Drive was the first band on the stage. I had just listen to a few songs before. I liked them, but hadn't totally followed up. I'd heard good things about their live performance. The good things were all true. They were completely amazing live, and I even was able to get a few good photos surprisingly enough.

Afterwards, the schedule says there was worship, but I can't recall who led it for certain, mostly because things get so jumbled on my crappy hard drive of a brain. I just need a key word and it would probably all come back to me.
Then Bob Lenz spoke, and I think he had a bullseye on me. At one point he talked about being a complainer. After my day, I was definitely feeling like that is what I wanted to do - complain. LOL I am a complainer sometimes. I don't like to officially complain unless I have some ideas on a solution, but I know how to complain with the best of them. LOL You have gotta love Bob - there's just something extraordinarily special about him, probably the love of Christ. :)

Hawk Nelson was up next, and I was looking forward to it. Jason is always a lot of fun. I had hoped to get a few good pics for Brittany (from Montana) and was sad that she couldn't be there due to work. I also told her that if I saw Jason I would say "hello" for her, although I didn't expect that I'd have that chance. Hawk Nelson put on a great show as they always do. There were a lot of really huge fans there, including a couple of gals that I waited at the gate with. They tried unsuccessfully to get someone to go to the merch table and get a kazoo for them before the gates and merch tent opened. LOL It was just as well, as they did not play "Hello". Their set went by quickly, probably because it was so much fun.

After Hawk Nelson, the wait was on for Skillet. The set up took a bit, but it was well worth it. They came onstage and there was definitely a lot to see and take in. Not only did the music come on strong, but the set, lighting, risers, etc. were all pretty impressive. There were lots of fireworks, as well as steam, action, lighting, risers going up and down, and good music during their set. The did "The Older I Get" which is a favorite of mine.

I tried to get my purse from the other side of the barricade before the last song, but the guy in security didn't see it. They moved everything for a guy in a wheelchair to be on the other side of the barricade. I wanted him to be there (I suggested it to someone when it was mentioned that he was in the pit) but thought for sure they were going to stick him right in front of me (the short person. LOL) Don't you love those moments where you feel like a jerk for wanting to be able to see? At any rate, they managed to get him situated and I could see, but they moved my belongings to the left. Security guy tells me he will have to wait until the lights come up. So, I waited. I meant to get a copy of the set list and didn't so I was taking a photo of it, and I see my bag being handed to someone else; or thought I did.

I tried to say something, but wasn't heard. So I finished the pic, and went over to find out what was going on. My bag wasn't there. Now, this had all my credit cards, driver's license, money, etc. in it, so I was panicking a little, but not too much yet. The gal with security behind the barricade had me go back there to look - to no avail. So, I said my hello's to Jonathan and chatted a sec, and then I started to get concerned again. It hit me that if I didn't find it, I wasn't going to have a way to drive home. I wouldn't get far without fuel for one thing, and that usually requires paying for it. LOL The gal with security said someone took a bag to lost and found (what? I was standing right there and had been asking for my bag) and I thought it was a gal that took it (but later think she probably just handed it to someone else?)
At any rate, I didn't expect that a guy had it, so was doubting. I said something a little panicked about it having everything, and she said, "well, you put it over here" which upset me more and I was starting to cry at that point. (She is not a mean person, just wrong thing at wrong time on too little sleep.) I got a drink from first aid before I headed up the hill (I was feeling a little dehydrated at that point) and tried to pull my wits together. I trudged up the hill, and found "lost and found" and fortunately my purse was there. I started to cry. Then I thanked them profusely and headed back in to see if I could catch Hawk Nelson's acoustic set and video shoot. I thought I'd end up way in the back, but at the sides, the crowd was mostly hanging back a bit so I walked to the side not too far back in the crowd. Their acoustic set was amazing. You could really hear the harmonies well, and the harmonies were incredible! I tried to take a lot of pics, although there wasn't enough light for my camera. I really wanted my DSLR at that point. LOL

Afterwards, I waited at the side until I could catch Jason's attention and told him that Brittany and her mom said "Hello" (there are so many Brittany's I thought adding the mom part might help him know which one - I think I said from Montana, too, but can't recall for sure now.) Then I left and headed back to my tent. I ended up back at lost and found because I was lost. LOL I knew the general section I was in, but the paved road is set back, and I missed the junction somehow. The gal was so very nice that she walked back to the road with me, and we chatted. Then I headed for my tent and walked up and down the road until the lights went out, but I didn't see my car and tent. I had to say a few prayers, and was ready to drop at that point. Finally I spotted my car. It was set back a bit far (I think the other vehicles had moved up and so I just wasn't seeing it. I ate a small snack, made use of a Honey Bucket, then collapsed on my cot.

Morning would come early. I was excited for the next day, though. I was looking forward to seeing Esterlyn. I hoped the timing for everything would work out. As it is with the sun, you wake up earlier. I woke even before my phone alarm went off. I gathered my clean clothes, and headed for the showers. Everyone at Creation is probably quite grateful that I could shower. I'm sure I wouldn't have been too nice to stand next to. The wait wasn't too bad. The shower stall I chose ended up not working, and since I decided to wait a day before washing my hair, I thought I could try it. No such luck. It would have taken me all day, so I moved to another stall when it opened up. :) I was at the gates not too long after they opened up, and timing was working out well so far. I saw the gal from Lost and Found. She said she hoped I had a better day, and I said it could only go uphill from here on out. LOL

Thursday was a new day. :) And I was looking forward to it.

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