Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Pet Peeve

There really are a few things that just really bug me enough to call them a
"pet peeve". Number one on my list is basically just tailgating. Cars cannot
defy gravity in an emergency and stop in time if there are only two inches to the car in front of it's front bumper.

I've decided that there is another "pet peeve" of mine that just really fries me, and that is someone expecting you to follow some rule without bothering to tell you what it is. Maybe it stems back from childhood, or perhaps because it is not really right to expect someone to do what's right until they at least know what it is.

Enter Facebook....

I dozed off at my desk.. I mean really dozed off. My hands were almost asleep, my little fingers were tingling, the works! I awoke more than 1/2 an hour later with the following message:
"Your use of our Wall Post feature indicates that you may be in violation of Facebook's Terms of Use. Continued misuse of Facebook's features could result in your account being disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page."

So, I went to the handy dandy FAQ link, which pretty much didn't tell me what the abuse was, or how to avoid it. There was one question I looked at about "overuse" and the FAQ basically says they can't tell you ANY parameters (different words, but that's basically the gist of it.) So I went to join a club, and when I put the message in that typically goes with joining, apparently it was a "Wall" feature, so now I am blocked from Facebook. Maybe facebook would prefer it if I just deleted my account?

This is the same sort of thing that bugs me about camera policies. Is there some reason one cannot get the camera policy at a show or venue more than 5 minutes before the doors open? Or, you find out ahead and then after you are told "no" and put your camera away, everyone else gets to bring theirs in.

I am all for following the rules, but I'm not too keen on the idea of trying to guess what they are. As far as frustration level goes, I think this may even top tailgating.

At any rate, I am blocked for now. I haven't died. Seriously thinking about deleting facebook. Maybe if we all just deleted facebook until they fixed this, they'd stop and at least tell people what's up. No people=no advertisers=no income.

O.K. Rant over... for a few minutes at least.


jen from nh said...

I don't do Facebook... But, my guess would be, while sleeping, you inadvertantly hit a key and/or mouse button that was on a post/send kind of thing and, as you were unconscious, just kept pressing it and it mistook you for some kind of spammer.

That's just a guess, mind you.

Melanie said...

I doubt it. It didn't show up anywhere that I had made any such posts. This was in reference to The Wall feature, not messages.

Mouse button wasn't possible.. on the other side. About the only thing I likely would have hit was the space bar. That thought crossed my mind, but nothing was sent or posted, and if it had been, it would have been blank.

And I've heard this has happened to other people.. one over a video of her daughter and she still doesn't know what the issue is either.

And they still can't tell you what the rules (rates) are. They do tell you, that they can't tell you how long the block is in effect, or change it (even if you didn't do anything wrong, apparently.)

Jen from NH said...

That stinks. Sorry, Melanie.