Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warped Tour Boise 2007 - Let the Concerts Begin

Once the posters were hung up I basically hung around The Fold's booth. I bought one of the canvas totes that The Fold had for sale, and consolidated my "stuff" into it. The Fold's vendor booth was across from an orange trailer from "The Truth". They had a huge orange flat that was pretty easy to spot, so I never got lost. At the onset "The Truth" was playing a lot of rap music which wasn't everyone's favorite. Later on, they did change it up a bit. At one point they were playing Kelly Clarkson. Early in the day, they gave away a lot of tees and freebies for just about any reason. I noticed that the later it became in the day, the more difficult the questions were that people had to answer. Andrew, the merch person for The Fold went over to get a tee early in the day. They gave him a bit of a hard time about it because he worked on the tour and knew the answer to their question. But they relented and gave him the tee eventually. I thought about going over there, but never did.
As it got a bit closer to the time for the concerts to start, I headed over to the stage to find a good vantage point. The Smart Punk stage where Kaddisfly and The Fold were to play was actually not too far from the vendor booth. I was grateful for that. I watched as Kaddisfly finished their set up and checked out the exposures on my camera. My neck felt like it was starting to burn, so I lathered on more sunscreen. Then it was time for Kaddisfly to play. I really enjoyed their set a great deal. They even did a few sound effects in some of their music with rather unusual instruments and I liked the sound of it. I'd definitely go see them again. Justin was there in the front near me, and really enthusiastically getting into their music. I took lots of photos.
Then the band on the Hurley.com stage picked up and started their set. I kept listening, but I never did hear them say who they were. They did mention where they were from. So, if you recognize them, here is the drummer;
Lead singer:
You can help solve the mystery. LOL I listened from the Smartpunk stage wandering over now and again to take a pic or two. The Fold started their set up, and I took photos then, too. Here are pics of Aaron & Dan from set up that I particularly like:
Then it was 1 p.m. which means it was time for The Fold to rock, and they did! They played some older songs I'd heard, but didn't know as well, New Skeptic and Medicine. Their set, as always was too short, but it was really good. The sound was the best there from any place I'd heard them before (all two times before. LOL)
The day was just getting started.
But this day is ending, so part three tomorrow. .... stay tuned.... same bat time, same bat channel (so, I grew up in the 60-70's) LOL
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