Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Warped Tour, The Saga Continues

After The Fold finished their set, I went over to the stage "next door" and listened for a bit. I think it was Amber Pacific. I'd heard they were good, so I was glad to get to check them out. I stayed through most of their set, but then headed back up to The Fold's booth. I had a hard time staying at the stages for some reason, which is unusual. So, I think it was my restlessness of the day. I also wanted to be there for the autograph session and to see if there was anything I could do to help out. Mostly I just stood around, chatted, and took pics until the autograph session. Oh... I did get someone to buy a cd while I was waiting. I ran into people I knew at the booth.. a friend's old roommate, a few people that knew me from other concerts, including someone who lives practically down the street from me. :) A few times I was able to get some people to listen to "Secrets Keep You Sick." Again I could hear everything on the main stages (Lucky, 13 stages) quite well, so I didn't feel such a strong urge to brave the crowd. I did hear Flogging Molly from where I was at one point. After I while I headed over to find the Ernie Ball stage (with a little help from a friend since I didn't recall where it was) to see Daphne Loves Derby. By the time I arrived, they were into their first song, but I didn't miss much. The played a good set, and I enjoyed it.

On the way back, I took a quick look around the main stages, and thought I recognized Circa Survive, so I listened to the last half of their set. I wandered down to the stage to the left of them on the far left, so I was a bit of a distance away, but I could see most of the band. I took a few photos.
New Found Glory was playing next, so I stayed around to listen. I really enjoy seeing NFG. I saw them at Warped in Salt Lake in July and loved their show. Jordan is all over the place, and he even came down into the grassy area on my left. And "Kiss Me" punk-style is great! LOL I love the original, anyway. I thought it was a bit slower in Boise than in SLC, or so it seemed. I am seeing Eisley soon, so I thought it would also be cool to try and take pics of Chad for Sherri. Maybe I can put them in a small inexpensive photo album for her or something. Anyway, after NFG I headed over to find DLD's merch booth. I talked to David a bit. We had met in Salt Lake not long ago, and he not only remembered me, but he also remembered the city... he's good. LOL So we chatted a little and I had my photo taken with everyone. I bought Daphne Loves Derby's EP. I already had the new cd, but none of their older stuff. Then I went back over to "homebase" for the day, which was at The Fold booth. I have a feeling they didn't know what to do with me. LOL I tried to get people to listen to The Fold's cd. Sometimes I was successful. I'm pretty timid at first. I do better when I know exactly what I plan to do or say, or have some direction, so I fumbled a bit. I love promoting bands I love, though. Dan's pretty good at it, but I guess he has a lot of experience. LOL Most everyone that did stop to listen seemed to really like The Fold. I think there was one guy who was more into metal/screamo, but most everyone else seemed to really like their music. Can't say that I blame them. :) I mentioned to Dan that Bryce was playing an acoustic set at around 5 and he said he wanted to go. So, we went over to see Bryce play. It was a good thing Dan went because I didn't remember where the tent was and I just followed. We stood in the back a bit. Dan tried to heckle Bryce but he didn't hear him. LOL Dan left about half way through and I ended up getting just a little closer. I wasn't having much luck with pics between the lighting and the fact that I had a huge smudge on my lens that I didn't notice right away. LOL No wonder they all looked like there was gauze over the lens. ;) For the last song, Bryce did Brat Pack and tried to crowd surf. The crowd wasn't real "tight" so they basically ended up just setting him down in the middle of the crowd. At least he wasn't dropped! I had my pic taken with Bryce. Then I made my way back to homebase again.
Dan went to dinner. I stayed around and basically got in the way, I think. At some point (can't recall if it was before or after Dan left) I went to see if my daughter was at the Killswitch Engage performance. I didn't find her. I stopped to take a few pics before heading back up the hill. When Dan got back, he was getting people to listen to the cd with promises of a free poster. It worked quite well for the most part. He had this huge poster sign saying to Get the cd now, so I held that for quite a little while. About halfway through Paramore's set, Dan said I didn't have to hold that anymore if I wanted to go see Paramore. I said, I kind of did, so I went down and watched the last half of Paramore from the far right of the stage. Half the band was hidden behind speakers, but it was still good. After Paramore, I stayed for Hawthorne Heights on the opposite stages, and the first half of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They were good, but for some reason I thought they sounded just a little bit better in SLC. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it wasn't so far into Warped Tour. The schedule can be pretty gruelling for artists!!! It is for fans, too, but only for a day. I can't imagine every day for the whole tour! Anyway, I went back up as I wanted to be sure to have a chance to say goodbye to everyone. When the show was over security was trying to kick everyone out who wasn't buying something. I was trying to give some girls a poster for listening to The Fold cd, and the one security guard almost didn't let me finish. LOL I was able to stay a little longer because I had a vendor wristband on. I had a pic taken with Dan. Andrew said it was the best pic he'd ever taken. I looked and the lighting looked good and it didn't seem to be overly fuzzy, so I said, "yea, it's good." I never really looked close until I got home. LOL Dan made the silliest face. LOL He likes to do that, I've noticed.

So, I asked if there was anything to do, and there really wasn't much so I headed out the gate and hoped to find my daughter. I bought "cold" water from some guy outside the gate for $1. It wasn't really cold, but it was wet. LOL When I didn't see Bethany, I headed for the hotel to look for Nick's car. No luck.
To be continued.....
Note: I will add pics to this part of the saga as I get them uploaded. Oh, and all the events happened... but I could have things a bit out of order here and there. LOL It was a long day!!

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