Sunday, September 26, 2010

Staying awake

I am sitting at my computer desk trying with all my might to stay awake; and wondering if I should just give it up and take a nap at 7:30 p.m. A song runs through my head... ah ah ah ah staying awake, staying awake, complete with the Bee Gees harmony. But first things, first. Translated, that means bloggin before sleeping.

In the last episode, I was hoping to be furloughed on Friday August 20. I had hoped to take annual and leave a little early so I could be well-rested for Candlelight Serenade. I did almost get my wish. I was furloughed on August 20, but at the close of business which means I was not given an option to leave early. SO, it almost worked. Instead I worked late, stayed up even later and had about 3-1/2 hrs. of sleep. When driving in the morning for an hour or more, it isn't the best of ideas. Still, I made it up (slightly later than planned) and was at the venue bright and early. I was, in fact, the first in line even though I was only there an hour before door times. It was not too long before a few people showed up, but even when the doors opened things were pretty laid back which was rather nice actually. I had a vip ticket (not the one with the tent and food, just first entry and best location) and did not have any camera problems even without stopping to get my photo pass first. I never did collect it. In hindsight perhaps I should have, but things worked out well. The only stipulation was no flash and I was definitely okay with that policy.

The first part of the day, I was front and center at the barricade and had no idea where the vip people were supposed to be. Neither did anyone else from what I could tell. Someone suggested by the sound booth which didn't seem likely as that would have been a downgrade from where I was. LOL After the first few bands played, they did finally divide the grassy area into thirds, and the middle section was for VIP.
I was really impressed with ALL of the music on the main stage and enjoyed every artist. Making April and The Fictionist were really good. I had never heard either band perform before and I was definitely impressed with them both.

Some of my favorites performed (though not in this order at all), Sherwood, Relient K, Vedera are bands I have seen a number of times, and I am always impressed with them. Kristen's (Vedera) vocals were so good.

I enjoyed Priscilla Ahn's set. Prior to Candlelight, I'd only seen a video clip on Candlelight's facebook. Her song about "boobs" made me literally laugh out loud, and I looked it up online and shared it with my darling husband the day after.

Third Eye Blind was really good, and they are rather a guilty pleasure of mine. Stephan Jenkins made a comment about all of his lyrics being dirty. It wasn't literally 100% true, but not that far off. But I have to admit to loving it anyway, just not 100%? LOL

I really loved Steel Train's set, especially Bullet. It's a great song!!

Neon Trees really gave the crowd their monies worth for the day.

John Allred was amazing as always (even though he was pretty sunburned. LOL) Next time he plays outdoors, I'm bringing sunscreen (which reminds me, thanks to the girls who let me borrow their's when I walked out the door and left mine sitting on my desk!)

I was holding up rather well, for most of the day, but started to falter a little during Relient K's set. It figures, with Relient K being my favorite band and all.
About 2/3 of the way into their set, I started feeling queasy and had to sit down. for a song, then back up, then back down, etc. Everyone around me was very nice, and helpful!! The people around me offered to hold my spot so I could eat and go to the bathroom. I hadn't had food in a long time, or moved from my spot, and I guess that was a bad idea. I managed to find some cinnamon almonds, purchased them, and ingested a few (not normally on my diet) before finding some more "dinnerlike" sustenance. It was chicken, couscous, and spinach. It was really very good, but there was enough for 3 people! There was a little bit of a language barrier, and I ended up with a full meal when I was just asking for chicken and rice. I paid her a dollar more than I thought I was supposed to and there was no offer of change, and I didn't care but thought it odd. It was a lot of food. Later when I looked at the photo, I realized what happened, and I probably paid her a dollar too little, which made me feel bad. She didn't say anything, just that I would like the food. I did.

I ate as I walked back to the barricade. I managed to make it back just as Chris of Dashboard Confessional started his set. He was fun, funny, engaging and the music was good. I felt much better, although it took a little bit before I was back to feeling somewhat normal. I was relieved.

After Chris played, the 311 brothers performed, and they were amazing. I'm not a huge 311 fan, but I left rethinking that since their music was incredible performed live. Come to think of it, I should go back and take a complete relisten to their tunes! :)

Throughout the day, during set up times, there were a few speakers that spoke about child slavery and prostitution. It was such a heartbreaker. It never ceases to amaze me the depravity that some people get into, and how much it hurts people.

At the end of the evening, everyone was given a small candle (the flameless variety) and the artists came back on stage to sing John Allred's song that was written especially for the event.

I picked up my trash, walked back to the merch tables and had a nice, long chat with Scott Cannon. It's been a while since we could talk very much, and it was good to finally be able to chat. I did feel a little helpless when he was getting the merch straightened. I offered to help, but then he seemed to have his system down and I didn't want to mess him up by interrupting. It was awkward, a little, but he didn't seem to mind. Somewhere in the process I bought a candlelight tee, although there were no small's, so it's a bit on the large side.

Finally, I headed out to my car and braced myself for the drive home. It was a long day, I was exhausted, but it was a good day.

August 2010 was nearing a close, but it wasn't over yet. There was still Avalyn's first birthday to look forward to!!! It was definitely a busy time. I'm still playing catch-up, but I'm getting there. :)

Peace out,

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