Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Forward

It's about time that I finally sit down here and pull my thoughts together over all that has gone on in the last month or two. I've been keeping pretty busy, but still probably goofing off a little to much in some respects. I sleep hard when I get to that point, but generally not long enough (rarely 8 hours), so I have definitely been tired. I think this needs to come up next time I have a physical, which is due about now. The problem with feeling tired, is that I tend to get less done, feel less alert, think less clearly, get into more trouble, lose and forget things. A case in point, I am missing a 50 mm. lens, one set of keys, and a remote trigger currently. At least I know where the remote trigger is if I can remember to inquire about it when I'm at church. I hope it's still there, anyway.

In August, I was called back to work after a very short furlough, and the callback was rather brief as well. On August 13, I had tickets to the Waking Ashland Reunion tour at Kilby Court and I was working. Fortunately I had know way ahead of time and it was already on my leave calendar. So, on August 13, I was able to rest a little, take the day off and head down to Salt Lake City to see Jonathan and company at Kilby. On the way I stopped at the Gateway to see if Miss Corey still needed a ride, so we visited shortly, and I headed to the venue.Kilby is a very small venue that is something akin to a very large garage. It possibly holds about 200 people or so. It's really cozy. The stage entrance is outside near the entrance, so it's pretty much near impossible not to meet with artists that play there. There is a "courtyard" of sorts with a fire pit (although it wasn't being used on the 13th, since it was summer) and a shed where merch is usually sold. For some reason the merch tables were set up outside in the "courtyard." There were a few waking ashland tees that were pulled from storage in someone's garage, and cd's. I purchase a cd and a couple of tees that were reasonably priced. Several of the openers were there when I arrived, but I didn't see Jonathan anywhere or Jason of Feet, Feet, Feet Parachute, and I had something for them. Eventually I caught up with them and Naked Juice and Bananas (Really, Naked Juice is a drink, look in the stores. LOL)

Larusso opened with an acoustic set, and I always enjoy Aaron's performances.

After Aaron finished his set, The Trademark took over the stage, and the whole venue for that matter. Riley is a bit crazy on stage. The music is a bit on the screamy side for me sometimes, but one cannot say their show is boring. It did seem an odd fit with the other bands, though. At the start of their set, the Trademake guys all were wearing fake mustaches, but Riley just couldn't get the thing to stay on for more that a minute or two. I think that has become sort of a "trademark" for the band, and perhaps I'll ask how that all started sometime. LOL

The next band to perform was Apple Horse from Idaho. I was really impressed with their set and liked their music quite a lot. The only caveat was a song they did having something to do with a unicorn. We were told that there was going to be a piano song, but it was being changed, and it turned out to be my least favorite in the set. It wasn't bad, it just didn't grab me like the others. I do think I'll be purchasing some of their music in the near future. After Apple Horse finished playing, I asked for the set list and was able to get a copy.

Feet, Feet, Feet Parachute was setting up to play next. Jason De la Torre is the lead singer for 3Feet Parachute (like the nickname?) and he also plays with Jonathan's band, We Shot the Moon, so I've seen him a few times before. Last time We Shot the Moon played, he performe one of his songs and I enjoyed it. I have the cd, and I have to say his vocals don't sound quite the same as in the live performance. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't like it, but to the contrary I enjoyed the set a lot.

Then it was finally time for Waking Ashland to play. I had never actually seen Waking Ashland before, though I've seen Jonathan solo, and We Shot the Moon a number of times. Somehow when the original band was together, the timing never really worked out. They played the entire Composure album from start to finish and I loved every minute of it. I took a lot of pics, although with lighting being what it is at Kilby getting anything sharp was difficult at best, so there weren't many I consider publishable. I very rarely record shows for a few reasons, one being that most artists don't allow it, although some that say it obviously don't seem to care and even mug for the camera. I was pretty sure Jonathan didn't mind, so I had the brilliant idea of recording one of the songs. Jonathan has a great voice and great keyboarding skills, and is just such a joy to listen to. (I do wish the vocals had recorded a bit louder.)

After the show ended, I hung about a bit, talked to Corey, Jonathan, and several other people. I had my photo taken with Trevor (drummer for WSTM and FFFP) and Jason
and they showed off their "guns". (Not sure I'll ever get used to that term. It makes me laugh.)

I waited about a bit until I could get a photo with Jonathan before heading for home.

If I recall correctly, that was the night they had freeway (and/or) lane closures and it took a little extra time to get home. Still I made it home sooner than I would have had I gone to work, albeit not by much.

Monday it was back to work, as usual but I had another show to look forward to the following Saturday, August 21. Candlelight Serenade with some of my favorite bands and people all for a good cause. I was excited about it. I didn't need to request the day off, since it was a Saturday, but I did really hope to be furloughed by Friday because sleeping is a little nice sometimes and the doors opened at 10 a.m.

I almost got my wish...

(end part one)

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