Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Was a Beautiful Day

Today my granddaughter Avalyn arrived in a really adorable outfit that just screamed of springtime. I have been wanting to take a few pics of her outside, but I didn't want to attempt it without Grandpa or her mom there so she didn't fall while I was behind the camera. Fortunately, grandpa came home an hour early, so we had a little time. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Tonight when I left work, it was raining out. There is really nothing else like the smell in the air when it has been raining. It wasn't too cold out, just wet, and frankly, it just felt very good. By the time I arrived at the house, there were big raindrops falling. I hadn't heard any thunder yet, but there was lightning. There were no great streaks to be seen across the sky, more like a giant cosmic camera with an enormous flash. It wasn't until I'd been in the house about an hour that I finally heard the roar of thunder. IT's still wet out, but it's 5 a.m. I am thinking the birds approve as they are singing.

I'd better get some sleep while I still can.

Peace out,

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Marcia said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl and what amazing pics of her! You are very talented.

It rained last night? Hm. Wonder if Doug noticed.