Monday, March 02, 2009

We Shot the Moon and other things

Saturday was concert day! I was pretty excited that We Shot the Moon was coming to Kilby Court on a Saturday - no taking off work or worries of that nature. I just finished my first full week back to work as I only worked three days the first week back, and I was pretty tired. By Saturday, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the drive. I knew things would be different once I arrived. I did decide that I wanted to get a few things done, and that I wouldn't go as early as I often do. The last few times I arrived even before anyone from the bands or venue. I decided to leave around 4, stop and the store, get gas and head on out. I still wanted to be early so I could park close and avoid the evening traffic if there was any on a Saturday. Things went pretty much as planned. I left a few minutes before 4, stopped and bought a few things, filled up my gas tank (with a nice $.15 per gallon discount) and headed for Kilby Court.

Kilby is a rather interesting and kind of fun venue. It is basically like a very big garage towards the end of an alley. You enter through a gate next to a ticket shed, and the venue is on the left side, there is a "courtyard" of sorts with a fire pit in the center, and on the right side a long shack where merch is sold. It holds about 150-200 people, if that, and is a very intimate setting. Some great bands have passed through there. :)

At any rate, I did arrive somewhere near 5 p.m., I think. I didn't check the time. We Shot the Moon was there already. I spotted Jonathan and gave him something I bought for him, and showed him something I brought for Jason. So then I found Jason and he loved his bananas and Naked Juice. LOL (It was from a video.)

There were a couple of gals there that drove down from Rexburg which is about a 4 hour drive. One of them had a new Rebel XS, so we talked about cameras for a while. Then I decided to take a few photos around the place.

At one point Jonathan was watching videos from the Rexburg show the night before,and I got to see quite a few. It looks like a cool little venue. :)

Then I just killed time as best I could until 7 p.m. chatting with whoever was up for chatting. I met a gal from Canada who was visiting her daughter who is going to school here. I also met a cat. :) He liked it when I mewed to him. I didn't really know I spoke cat.

Finally, just as I was about to turn into a giant popsicle, it was 7 p.m. and time for the doors to open.

The opening band Blackhounds was a local band that was really very good. I think they should go places. I knew one of the guys from another band called Larusso, so it was cool to see him again.

After Blackhounds, Big Surrender played. The lead singer was so animated he was fun to watch. He had the best expressions! But he was hard to take pics of sometimes because his head was always moving. I did get a few, though.

Finally it was time for We Shot the Moon to play. They played a good, long set, and afterwards the crowd yelled for one more song until Jonathan came back and played to songs before the band joined him and played the song "Julie". At one point another local artist and Big Surrender's lead singer joined WSTM on the stage impromptu. :) It was a great concert!

Afterwards everyone just hung around until they were actually locking up. I stood and sat by the fireplace and talked to Little Miss Corey and her friend Beth for a while, as well as the bands. Lots of hugs were shared (which is great - I love hugs!) I stayed to get pics with the band, and they were nice enough to stick around for it even though they were tired. I don't think the pics are very sharp, but I think one isn't too bad.

Anyway, I was happy to finally make it home, around midnight, very tired, but satisfied. Ed had fallen asleep quite early, so he was awake when I got home and we chatted a bit before he went back to sleep. Then I had to take a shower because I smelled like a campfire! By the time I hit the sack it was nearly 6 a.m. So, I not really here typing this today. I'm actually a zombie masquerading as Melanie. ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

God's blessings, Melanie


AJ said...

hey hotstuff! :)how are you feeling these days?

love your photos as usual...especially the orange & white kitty...i'm such a sucker for those fluff balls!

blessings to ya from northern idaho...where snow & moose now landscape my backyard...a crazy adventurous change coming from sunny sand-filled san diego! :)

Andrea said...

woow your pictures are so amazing! its not even funny!!!