Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It snowed and it wasn't Tuesday

My husband keeps track of the weather forcasts online and the forecast has been for snow on Tuesday and then it's supposed to warm up a little. So this afternoon I awoke, looked out the door and it was snowing. My first thought was "It's snowing" (yes, I'm a rocket scientist) and the second was... "wait, it's not Tuesday." LOL

SO, it was definitely a Monday today. Focusing at work was tough so I hope I didn't do anything ridiculously stupid. I will cringe when we get our quality reviews back. Hoping for the best. The highlight of my day was realizing that May 25 was Memorial Day and I won't have to ask for the day off to see No Doubt/Paramore. It's the little things that keep ya going, huh? :)

After work, it was ridiculously cold and icy. I must usually leave after the crowd because I walked out of the building to hear a myriad of ice scrapers running across car windows. For some reason it really struck me as mildly amusing. I searched for a pair of gloves in my purse, which I thankfully found, and headed off to join the chorus. I literally had to pry my windshield wipers from the windshield with the ice scraper ever so carefully.

I made it home, had a bowl of hot oatmeal and said a prayer for those in Siberia. I'd never make it there. I can't imagine how people do. I am such a wimp. LOL

I hope everyone had a fine Monday.


Lauralee said...

Lucky you, I'll have to request Meomorial Day off, and they won't be happy considering I've already requested the 4th of July off.

Andrea said...

the first thing i ever do when i see a date near me is to see if I'm off that day and If I am I get so excited! haha

Andrea said...

haha yeahh thanx! I'm going to try and blog at least once a month. Maybe more, who knows. lol

yeah I think I heard some about your operation. I'm glad everything worked out fine. Yeah keep it up with the exercise it will keep you in good shape and all! I love how you always go to so many concerts! I loong for the day when I don't have all this limits so I can too! haha

And you are welcome! You really are a good photographer!