Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wake me when it's over

Dec 26 I am diagnosed with gallstones. Jan. 12 I have my gallbladder removed. Monday I came down with the flu and my head wants to explode. Today the dog took off while I was holding the leash and either bruised a tendon and/or nerve and
i am wearing a brace for about a week and icing 3-4 times a day. Seriously, knock me ou t and wake me when it's over. This took forever to type. At least my arn isn't broken.


nna said...

Looking on the bright side, I am glad that it's not broken!

Oh, Melanie. What happened?!?!?! Sending lots of love and prayers. I don't want you to hurt anymore!

Melanie said...

Thanks Ann, that means a lot. I'm already not wearing the brace except to protect my arm while I sleep. Everything was just getting stiffer and it didn't feel quite right.

i'll be fine Itjust makes it hard to get anything accomplished at all.