Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Mountains Declare

Here in Northern Utah there is a wonderful view of the mountains. Everyday as I travel to work, I can look ahead and the view is often quite breathtaking, at least when it isn't interrupted by road crews working.

AT any rate, when I see the mountains and their beauty, it's easy to praise God. However, as I was driving a while back, it just really struck me how the mountains themselves are a snapshot of God and his creation, and a testament to who he is.

God is majestic, beautiful, strong, powerful. Likewise, his Creation of the mountains there is great majesty and beauty, strength and power. Everything about the mountains scream a testimony to God and who He is. Yet, even the mountains would move if he just gave the word.

Praise God.


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Lauralee said...

I love the mountains, I never realize how much I really love them until I leave Utah.