Thursday, July 15, 2010

Empty Spaces

This blog title doesn't refer to my head, although right now I am so tired it might as well, but to my blog site lately. I've had so many things I wanted to write about, but alas, just haven't had the gumption to get the thoughts all together cohesively yet.

But the lack of new words on this page doesn't mean I'm gone, just distracted.

Distractions include working full time, swingshift, watching my granddaughter during the day, sleeping once in a while, taking care of the dogs, playing around on facebook, taking photos, and still going to a few concerts here and there. I have three planned (possibly 4) for July, and three are this week.

The first concert I'm heading out to see is James Taylor and Carole King later tonight. I am a fan of both, and I managed to get what looks like a fairly decent seat. I'm excited that I have the day off and I'm ready for one! I was scheduled to work at a concert on Saturday for Audio Adrenaline, but unfortunately it cancelled.
I wanted to see Runner Runner (opening for Secondhand Serenade), so when it cancelled I picked up a ticket for that show. Sunday, I'm making the drive to Springville to see VOTA.

And since I did mention days off, I decided to take a voluntary furlough if it's offered, possibly on Friday. So, I may have a few days off. I'm looking forward to catching up on some needed rest! I really would like to work another week or two more, but if I stay there is a chance I'll be stuck working all summer. Avalyn has been crawling all day and not just rolling, sitting and scooting so I need to do a little more baby proofing around here, and having the time at a decent hour will be helpful.

There will be lots happening in August, and I've been mulling a few topics of importance to me, so things should pick here soon. I'm not sure who cares, but
writing is good for the soul. :)

Hope everyone stays well and has a great summer!

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