Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas in January?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, God bless you! Seriously, one might think that Ed and I never made it to Arizona at all over the Christmas holiday, but in fact, we made it safe and sound and back again.

We left Kanab, Ut on the 22nd and prepared for the drive towards my daughter, Deidre's place near Phoenix. I spend some time online in the hotel lobby checking the weather reports, and expected to see some snow along the way. There are times when one hopes the weather forecasts would be in error, and this was one of them. I knew it was a mistake not to leave early, but the trip is so much more enjoyable when rested. LOL At any rate, we headed out a little late for Arizona and mentally prepared ourselves for a snowy ride.

And what a snowy ride it was! Once we approached the Jacob's Lake area, the snow was coming down. The roads were not fully plowed at that point, and very messy, so the drive was very slow going.

We made a pit stop at the Navajo Bridge to take photographs. Last time we made the drive to Arizona, we stopped at the bridge for the same reason. Unfortunately, the sun was so bright out it made getting a good photo difficult. I thought it would be a lot better lighting (and I was right.) At first I wasn't sure it was open as the first entrance had a gate across it, but the second entrance was open and we pulled in. I noticed that a few other people seeing us pull in realized it was open as well, so we weren't alone long.

One of our pit stops in AZ was The Gap as Ed needed a refill on coffee and gas prices seemed reasonable. I took a few cell pics to document the stop. We were greeted by a group of muddy pups. Well - actually they were full grown dogs. I grabbed my "good" camera and tried to take photos, but once they noticed my interest in them, they decided to be interested in me. I got a few snaps, and after noticing how wet and muddy they were, I hopped in the car before one of them decided to jump on me for some attention. Then we continued on our way.

Several times we stopped to stretch, take a few photos or get gasoline. Most of the stops were short, but it was getting later and later. I thought for sure we'd be in there by 6 p.m. at the latest, but I was beginning to have doubts. All doubts were put to rest when we reached mountains before Flagstaff . The snow was really coming down, and the roads were not plowed, so we weren't going too quickly. However, we did finally make it to Flagstaff, and stopped at Quiznos on Historic Rte. 66 to have something to eat. They didn't really have any nutritional info. for me (I was informed it was online) so I made the best guesses that I could. I ended up sending the tomato soup back because it was a bisque and I couldn't eat it. I thought of a plan for them to laminate a copy of the nutritional info. and have it on the counter for those of us who need such things. I took snapshots here and there.

Once we were back on the road, I tried to get a snapshot of an historic Rte 66
sign. I didn't see near as many signs as I remember from my last visit, and I wasn't finding an unobstructed view of them when we were stopped at lights. I kept trying, though. LOL

Eventually we were back on the road and headed for our destination. Like I said, the Flagstaff area was a bit on the messy side and slow going, but we did eventually make it to Brian and Dee's place. All of us were hungry, and the plan was to head for Chili's. NO pics. It was another long day, but a good one.

I will post at least one more blog with pics from the highlights.

And I I've been to a couple of concerts since my return, that I should definitely mention. I'll be back (said with best Schwarzneggar impersonation.)

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