Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Health issues

Sometimes I'm rather fond of the old adage, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." This month it has been especially true. Today I went back to work after coming down with the flu on Monday (something I am told I have in common with Bo Bice now), and starting treatment for bronchitis on Wednesday. I'm not getting well too quickly. Maybe it's because I'm older now. However, this is the third time for the flu since the end of September, and twice it has developed into bronchitis. This is not normal for me. Once every other year is more my norm.

SO, today, I finally went back to work. I was fortunate to have a bit of sick leave built up, but I think it's going quickly. I figured I'd better go back today.

I managed to type about 15 documents before I started getting the funny vision. It kept getting worse, and worse and worse until I had to look around blurry, spotty places in my vision to see the numbers I was typing on the documents. I felt a little light-headed once or twice, but I managed to finish the batch, put a second batch I had back on the truck and instruct the back-up lead that I was heading for the nurse's office. She said I needed to be seen, even though it was most likely an ocular migraine, albeit a very bad one. I didn't have a headache yet. She had me call someone to pick me up. It took three tries to reach my husband by phone. He doesn't like to answer the phone, especially if he doesn't know the number (so now he knows what USG means.) I hope my life never depends on him picking up the phone. LOL

This is about the third one of the ocular migraines I've had in recent times. The last time the visual disturbance was almost as pronounced, and a little scary. After about the third day into the headache I finally cried "uncle" and went to see the doctor who gave me Maxtor. It took two doses. This time I got on meds before there was much of a headache. Funny thing is there is a bit of pressure, no headache, and it's still sort of there, which makes deciding what to do with the meds tricky. I'm taking a wait and see at the moment. Hopefully I won't regret it.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work again. My car will be there waiting. My husband will have to take me to work, which means I'll have to walk farther. I could scan him into the lot, but figure I'd better not, since I'm not sure that's technically allowed.

I have tickets to the Tooth & Nail tour on June 11, and was to take half a day off. I can't even get excited about it. A lot of it is being sick. But I guess I have a few days to recover before then. And I will feel badly taking off when I just missed so much due to illness this time around.

Like I said, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Looking forward to hopefully getting over all this.


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