Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Travel photo/essay contes

I've entered a travel photo contest, and it looks like people vote and rate your photo. It's from the klove cruise to ensenada. There is an essay that you have to write to go with it. It's not my best pic ever, because I didn't have my really good camera then, but hopefully it will work. There are a few nice pics up on that site. Anyway, if you want to give me a vote, the link is here: http://suitcase.concierge.com/groups/the-conde-nast-traveler-dream-trip-contest/dream-trip-2007/la-bufadora1?p_ret=%2fgp%2fgallery%3fstartIndex%3d0%26groupId%3dAAAAARTkkrMAAAAAABBpqA%26showFeatured%3dfalse%26so%3drecency%26br%3d I'm not sure what it will require from you when you go to vote. You may have to register. A screen pops up to send this to friends, but I don't like to give out other people's info. I'd rather it was voluntary. However, if you go and vote for my photo, I'd be grateful. It is called, La Bufadora, and the screen name is woman4life, of course. LOL

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